Creating and Connecting to Linux Instances on AWS


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This is my second Blog from AWS PEN-TESTING series of Blogs. In my upcoming Blog, I am going to write separate blog on “Setting Up Lab Environment for AWS PEN-TESTING” where we will create two instances of AWS i.e. Linux Instance and windows Instance and then we will establish connection between them by Hosting them into same Region and same Network. but prior to that it is mandatory to understand “Creating and Connecting Linux Instance on AWS”

Step 1: Login to your AWS Account and navigate to Instances tab to create new Linux instance.

Login to AWS and Navigate to Instances TAB

Step 2: Choose below Linux AMI(Amazon Machine Image) from instances list which is free tier.

Choose Instance

Step 3: Keep the setting default for now and click on Review and Launch.

Step 4: When you click on Launch finally it will ask you to create or use previous key pair to Launch the instance. If you don’t have previously generated key-pair then click on “Create a new key -pair”.

Click on Launch
create new key-pair

when you follow above steps give the meaningful name to .pem file and download it and instance will Launch successfully. you can notice status that instance is running.

.pem file
Instance is Running

All the rest of steps to connect with your newly created Linux instance are already given by amazon on below link when you Launch the instance so follow along and connect to your Linux instance.

How to connect to Linux instance on AWS
connecting to Linux AWS Instance
connecting to Linux AWS Instance

Usernames can be,

AWS Default Usernames
connecting to Linux AWS Instance
connecting to Linux AWS Instance
Successfully connected to Linux from Windows machine using putty

Follow along and in the next blog I will explain “Creating and Connecting to Windows Machine on AWS" and after that We will do Lab setup and install some vulnerable services and Applications to perform Pen-testing.

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